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Beard cultivation for men

Beard cultivation for men

Beard cultivation for men

What is beard cultivation?
Beard transplantation is the only way to solve the problem of beard hair not appearing in men, and to complete the beard voids naturally and as a whole. The process is performed under local anesthesia and without pain at all. So that the result is 100% natural, the donor area is anesthetized and the required amount of follicles is extracted it according to the area to be cultivated, and these follicles are excreted in a special sterilization environment, after which the channels in which the follicles are grown in the chin area are opened and the follicles are implanted by The medical team individually until the completion of the cultivation of all follicles excerpted. The number of hours the process needs is from 6 to 8 hours, as a maximum.

The next day after the operation is for a break, and after a day of the operation the first wash session is conducted after the operation in the hospital, after which the patient continues to take care of the transplanted beard according to the instructions he will receive from the medical team who performed the operation

After communicating with us by clicking on the contact button on WhatsApp on the site, the medical advisor answers your inquiries directly and as quickly as possible and provides you with all the required details about hair transplantation and the things that you should do.

After the person agrees to perform the operation, he determines the date he desires through the ticket card and sends us a copy of it to confirm the reservation, and know the exact time of arrival at the airport , and there our driver will  be in the airport to receive you  .

After sending a copy of the ticket, we make the necessary preparations and reservations from reception until farewell, and the driver will receive you at the airport. After meeting, you will be transferred to the hotel that was previously reserved for you. If you want to perform the operation on the same day, you will be taken to the hospital directly.

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